How to Join the Skims Influencer Program

Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian’s popular shapewear brand, Skims, sold 2 million worth of inventory a few minutes after its launch in 2019. The brand continued showing immense growth to become a billion-dollar shapewear company.

Much of its success can be attributed to Kim’s celebrity status as well as robust marketing through models, Instagrammers, celebs, and influencers registered under the Skims influencer program.

So, if you are a Kim Kardashian fan, love shapewear products, and have a passion for social media content creation, the good news is that you can also share in the brand’s success.

Whether you are looking for a freelancer side hustle or a full-time influencer, this write-up delves into the steps you can take to join the Skims influencer program, where you can earn a commission promoting their products.

Let’s start by understanding what the program is all about.

What Is Skims Influencer Program?

Skims is a famous shapewear brand belonging to Kim Kardashian. The brand was launched in 2019 and is among the top-performing brands in Kim’s portfolio of companies. It deals with creating the next generation of shapewear, loungewear, and underwear.

Skims has an invite-only influencer program that seeks qualified influencers to promote its products and earn a commission after generating sales through its unique referral links. Much like PopTribe’s content creators program, this program gives talented individuals collaborative opportunities where they can receive free goodies to use for content creation.

Other benefits of joining the Skims influencer program include special discounts and invite only new product launches. Besides, members gain exposure through a wider audience and collaboration with other influencers. This gives them a chance to prove themselves and create an impeccable track record, potentially earning them lucrative deals in the future.

Application for the Skims Influencer Program

If you have a significant social media following, love fashion, and have a knack for creating social media content that people love, then you can monetize your talent by joining the Skims Influencer Program.

Here is a straightforward, step-by-step process for becoming Skims influencer:

  1. Find out if you have what it takes to work for Skims: This is a major fashion brand, and not everyone gets that coveted chance to work with them because of the high standards demanded. Browse Skim’s social media handles and those influencers already working for them to get an idea of content and quality requirements. Only if your audience is big enough and your content is at par should you send your request to become a Skims influencer.
  2. Find out how the influencer program works: Fashion brands operate in specific ways and don’t deal with individual influencers the same way they do with agencies. Research media, press, and influencer sections to get an idea of where your services are needed. Looking for compatibility may take time but might significantly increase your chances of joining the program.
  3. Head over to the SKIMS official website: Move your cursor down the website till you reach the bottom of the webpage. You’ll find the “Influencers” option on the left-hand side. Click on it.
  4. Give your details: You’ll be automatically redirected to the application page after selecting the “Influencer” tab. In the spaces provided, key in your email address, then tick the small box next to it to accept the terms and conditions. Hit “get started” to kick-start the application process. 
  5. Fill in additional information requested: This includes gender, full name, bottom size, bra size, and other details. Click “Save.”
  6. Give your Instagram handle: You will be required to have an active Instagram handle with a significant following. Please enter it in the provided space. Also, consider adding more social media handles to demonstrate your capabilities, which also increases your chances of getting accepted into the Skims influencer program.
  7. Review the now-complete application form for missing information or errors: Click the “Submit” after verifying everything is in order. You’ll then get a confirmation message that your submission was successful and has been submitted for review.

Congratulations on completing the first step towards joining the Skims influencer program. After the last stage above, all that is left is waiting for approval. While you wait, you can engage other brands and influencers in social media to expand your reach and potentially boost your chances for approval.

Other Ways of Collaborating With Skims Besides the Influencer Program

Don’t lose hope if your application doesn’t go through. There are several other ways of influencing for Skims besides their influencer program.

For instance, a lot of individuals found their breakthroughs by buying Skims’ products and creating content around those products. Others have even landed lucrative deals by reaching out to and influencing for other influencers in the Skims program.

Besides, some influencers have landed lucrative deals simply because they are good at what they do. Skims’ management is constantly scouring social media platforms for promising talents to bring on board.


Being an influencer for the Skims program can earn you affiliate commissions, a wider audience, and other benefits. All you need to do is find their official website, click the “Influencer” button, fill in your details in the required spaces, and submit for review.