5 Amazon Side Hustles You Should Try Today to Diversify Your Income Streams

Do you run a full-time business or have a 9-5 job and need a side hustle to supplement your income? Are you fearing you lack a chance of succeeding on Amazon because of the nature of your job? Here is some good news.

Poptribe and Amazon are excellent platforms offering content creators and influencers alike a chance to explore new opportunities to diversify their income streams.

Fundamentally, these platforms work by connecting content creators with brands, where content creators earn a commission or gifts for promoting their favorite products on their social media accounts.

This write-up will discuss 5 Amazon side hustles you should try today to diversify your income streams. The side hustles below are totally feasible in terms of start-up costs, desired outcomes, ongoing management, and upfront work.

1.   Amazon Associates Program

You can earn passive income as an Amazon affiliate without doing much work. The program targets blog or website owners. All you need to do is register with Amazon Associates Program and get a promotional link. Embed the link in your website’s content, including blogs and landing pages optimized for search engines.

You will earn a commission for referring your readers to products listed on Amazon. While Amazon commissions may not pay that much, it’s a decent passive income that doesn’t require much effort after embedding the link. The best part is that you can earn commissions for a long time from that one link.

2.   Amazon FBA

Fulfillment By Amazon, popularly known as Amazon FBA, is another amazon side hustle that can earn you a decent extra income from the comfort of your home. It comes in handy when you don’t have storage facilities and don’t want products filling your small apartment or garage.

Amazon allows you to access storage and international shipping infrastructure at a small fee, increasing your profit margins and boosting your business growth.

Take the products to Amazon fulfillment centers, and the online retailer will take it up from there. The company will handle returns, packing, shipping, and customer service. The program works even better when paired with other side hustles like the private label.

3.   Amazon Influencer Program

This offshoot of the Amazon associates program is designed to onboard content creators and access the lucrative social media market. It is similar to PopTribe’s creator’s program where individuals with a substantial social media following get to monetize their online presence.

To become an Amazon Influencer, head to the Amazon home page, scroll down to the Amazon influencer program and create an account. The account allows you to earn a commission by promoting products listed on your Amazon storefront.

You can also join PopTribes content creators program and earn awesome products in exchange for your content. The same content will help grow your audience and influence, opening new opportunities for you as a content creator.

You’d make skits or short videos like you are used to, but focusing on a specific product. By promoting these products on your storefront and social media accounts, you’ll earn a commission from Amazon whenever a customer purchases a product through your special vanity URL assigned to you by Amazon.

4.   The Wholesale Amazon Side Hustle

This business model is the most popular with Amazon sellers. All you do is buy products in bulk, list them on Amazon, and wait for the sales to start trickling in. You get the products from manufacturers or wholesalers at a cheaper price, then sell them on Amazon at the regular price for a profit.

Wholesaling is a profitable side hustle in that Amazon handles most business operations, including marketing, sales, and returns. Therefore, you can go on with your 9-5 job as usual and still make some extra cash. The best part is that the brands you buy from are responsible for marketing their products.

5.   Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is another profitable Amazon side hustle when done correctly and with a bit of luck. Don’t mind the big vocabulary. It means buying something cheaply and selling at a high price for profit. The only difference between retail arbitrage and wholesaling is where you source the goods.

This is how it works.

Find popular products and purchase them locally at a discounted rate. Upload them on Amazon like other retailers and sell them for a profit. Amazon will handle order fulfillment through the FBA.

Those implementing this side hustle spend their time browsing goods with discounted prices at physical stores like Target or Walmart. You can buy lots of products at a fraction of the usual cost during clearance sales. Consider using the Amazon Sellers App to analyze the product’s potential and competition.


You can run the above Amazon side hustles concurrently with your day job or business. Some involve sales like retail arbitrage and wholesaling, while others involve product marketing and influencing.

Those involving product marketing are similar to the Poptribe’s creators program, where content creators earn from promoting the seller’s merchandise. However, Poptribe’s content creators can accept actual merchandise from the seller instead of cash, which is great for new businesses that have yet to make sales.