What is a Content Creator?

The emergence of the creator economy has significantly changed the marketing game. More than 50 million people worldwide consider themselves to be content creators.

What is a content creator, though?

A content creator designs and shares custom content for online digital channels like websites or social media. This content ranges from blog posts, to stories, reels, photos, and so much more – all intended to connect your brand with your ideal audience. 

The Importance of Content

The opportunity to reach your audience as quickly and as often as possible has never been more achievable. Worldwide, people spend an average of 7 hours online and almost 3 hours on social media every single day. Reaching a wide, targeted audience with relative ease is real and exciting. Getting quality content out by the right people, to the right audience is an invaluable part of a successful business strategy.

Content equals business growth. How Does Content Create Growth?

A business grows when it expands its customer base and increases revenue. There are several ways that content creators can help you do both. 

One of the most effective ways creators create growth is by helping you build brand trust. Like in any relationship, trust is king. Content creators build trust by being authentic and adding value to the lives of your customers and prospects. They also use their already established credibility with their audience to increase yours. 

This is Where PopTribe Comes In

With access to a wide selection of quality content creators, PopTribe will help take your business to the next level.  

PopTribe is a “Gift for Post” platform that connects business owners to content creators in a barter exchange. That’s right, there is no money exchanged at all – the currency for e-commerce owners is the product they send to creators and the currency for creators is the content they create for your brand. And the best part of our process is that creators come to you! This is an outstandingly simple and inexpensive way to create content and grow your brand.

Marketing is about building relationships. Your audience needs to feel connected to the content that represents your brand and business, and so, it’s incredibly important that your content creators are a good fit. This is why you will always have the ability to choose whether a content creator is suitable before entering into the transaction. 

Finding the right content creator is sort of like dating – you meet a bunch of suitors, testing out compatibility until you find something that clicks. The hurdle is that people like you are busy running an e-commerce and/or small business and just don’t have enough time to play the dating game. 

We’ve got you

The connections we help establish between ecommerce brands and content creators are about as organic as they get – they reach out to you because your product was meaningful to them in some way, and you get to choose if they are suited to represent your brand. It just works.

Our platform will help you reach your content goals so that you can settle back into your zone of genius – running your business. 


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