Top Walmart Influencers on Instagram

In October 2022, Walmart launched its influencer program dabbed Walmart Creator. The program, similar to the Amazon influencer program, allows content creators to recommend products to their followers and earn commission once the followers buy using their link.

Once accepted into the program, creators can customize their storefront, categorizing products they want to promote to make it easier for their followers to navigate the store. For instance, to promote clothes, you can create categories like beach wear, pants, dresses, or official wear.

Walmart is one of the largest retailers globally. They sell a range of products at relatively affordable prices. For this reason, they have attracted many creators, especially on-budget creators.

Whether you are looking for influencers for your outreach campaign, collaboration, or just inspiration before you begin your own influencing career, we have listed some top Walmart influencers on Instagram to help you achieve your influencer campaign goals. Let’s get to know them now.

Walmart Influencers

1.   Stephanie Tranthan (@the_broadmoor-house)

Stephanie is a seasoned lifestyle influencer, who has seamlessly integrated Walmart’s diverse products into her daily life. From fashion to home essentials, she artfully blends affordability with style, resonating with followers seeking practical and chic solutions for their everyday needs. She also shares tips with her over 900 k followers on mixing affordable home decor and designer pieces to create luxury looks.

2.   Dianna Baros (@budgetbabe)

Dianna creates content around styling cheap finds on Walmart. She is a mom of three and a wife, so her style is about regular clothes that regular women can wear, whether shopping, out with girls, or at Thanksgiving dinner. Sometimes, she also updates her over 600 k Instagram followers on Walmart offers outside the clothing department.

3.   Mary Beth Wilhelm (@livinwithmb)

Mary Beth’s 450+ k Instagram followers follow her for affordable DIY home decor ideas and easy recipes for a cozy home. She makes content around looking for cheap decor pieces.

In most cases, she assembles the decor pieces by adding materials readily available at home to make them stand out. She also makes themed decor, often adding a recipe to go with it.

From budget-friendly to stylish accents, Wilhelm provides creative ideas that empower followers to elevate their living spaces affordably.

4.   Nina Lacher (@Lawoffashionblog)

Navigating parenthood on a budget is a breeze with Nina Lacher. This Walmart and Amazon fashion influencer is not only funny but keeps her over 400 k Instagram followers in the loop for affordable clothes. She also sometimes hosts giveaways.

5.   Bethany and Amanda (@whoawaitswalmart)

This duo is your plug for almost all Walmart products, as they have been sharing all the best Walmart goodies for about a decade now. Bethany and Amanda share with their over 300 k Instagram followers the newest products on Walmart and recommend brands they have used before. Their recommendations cut across multiple departments.

6.   Dan O’s Seasoning (@danosseasoning)

Dan is all about juicy homemade food using ingredients you can purchase at your local grocery store. He shares with his 300,000+ followers kitchen hacks, delicious recipes, meal prep ideas, and culinary tips.

Dan Os Seasoning encourages his followers to regularly copy some of his kitchen hacks and implement them in their kitchens because homemade food is better. Walmart’s grocery offerings often take center stage in his kitchen, emphasizing quality and affordability. He also showcases affordable appliances in his kitchen that he got from Walmart.

7.   Susinel Gonzalez (@susinel)

Susinel is all about creating a beautiful home with Walmart gems. Each post is a guide to creating a vibrant living space, reflecting her passion for affordable yet fabulous finds. Whether it’s setting up a new kitchen appliance or Christmas tree or arranging the perfect shelf decor, she makes the process not just manageable but enjoyable. She entertains her 236k followers by constantly rearranging her space to fit new pieces.

8.   Kel Layne (@always_overpacked)

Kel Layne is a fashionista on a budget. She’s all about styling cheap outfits she finds on Walmart and Amazon. From casual chic styles to unusual ways to style cargo pants, she really knows her craft. Kel keeps her over 75 k Instagram followers in the loop on new brands with quality and affordable clothes.

Conclusion on Walmart Influencers

Influencer marketing has been on the rise recently due to the ability of influencers to reach a more targeted audience. They also have more credibility than even celebrities because of their ordinary lifestyle that followers can relate to. So, whether you were looking for inspiration or seeking influencers for an outreach campaign, those are some of the top Walmart influencers on Instagram.