Grow Your Audience with Instagram Followers and PopTribe

If you’re looking to grow your audience with more Instagram followers, you need only the most effective strategies that will work for you, and that’s precisely what you’re going to get in this article.  You would want to consider using Instagram anyway, seeing as how already 80% of accounts from the social media platforms are following a business on Instagram. Long gone are the days when Instagram was perceived as a fun app for kids.  Nowadays, it’s used as a powerful tool for marketing, networking, selling, and building a massive following for people as well as brands.  It has over 500 million people who view Instagram Stories on a daily basis, a third of which comes from renowned businesses.  Incredible, isn’t it? So, if you want to help your small (floundering, probably) business grow from a tiny anonymous entity that no one is heard of, to an important place on the map, then have a go at the following surefire ways to increase your Instagram followers:

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers

1.    Use the Proper Hashtags

Your primary objective on Instagram is to engage with your existing audience on a daily basis while also focusing on attracting and growing your list of potential new followers.  To do this, it is pivotal to post new but engaging and attractive photos.  But don’t just start posting away without utilizing hashtags to your advantage.  The process of hashtagging makes it easier for potential followers/customers to find your photos, especially if it’s exactly what they’re looking for. Of course, this involves using the most appropriate hashtags.  So which ones are you going to use?  The process of hashtagging on Instagram is similar to what Twitter and other social programs do to attract users.  If you were to use some of the most popular hashtags for your photos, you’re more likely to be discovered by new users. Some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram include:

  • #love
  • #fashion
  • #happy
  • #beautiful
  • #cute
  • #photooftheday

However, it’s not as easy as you make it out to be.  If none of the hashtags we’ve listed above match your products, services, or even brand, then there’s no chance of your target audience discovering your Instagram profile.  That’s why it’s better to use the right tags instead of the ones that users can easily think of off the top of their heads.

2.    Experiment Using Various Filters and Dimensions

Filters grant businesses a way to be creative, but more importantly, help them stand out from their competition and also avoid coming off as generic or bland.  The more unique and enticing your photos are, the more users would want to like and share your post and follow your account when all is said and done. You can also try to download some photo-editing apps to give your photos some extra razzle-dazzle. When using dimensions, don’t just stick to square – portrait and landscape options are also available for you to experiment with.  Have fun testing out different types of dimensions so that you only go for the best one at the end.

3.    Develop and IGTV Series

Its 2020, and we can safely say that IGTV isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  That’s because tons of brands are getting the jump on this feature to engage their audience.  IGTV Product Marketing Manager Jon Youshaei says that Instagram is constructing a whole destination for the regular browsing community. Jon says he’s seen so many people go to this destination to look for brand-new content.  This means that viewers can view precisely what they want to look for – like how one would want to watch their favorite movie on Netflix, for instance.

4.    Utilize the Power of Influencers

Another excellent tactic to employ for attracting Instagram followers is to follow influencers who have a significant presence in the market that you’re trying to reach out to.  Influencers are those users who use your products and take their pictures for a fee, of course.  Besides that, you can also offer them an affiliate deal where they get a commission for every sale they make by using their customer referral link. If you’ve already made some sales, then reach out to those customers and offer them a free cash incentive or gift for taking high-quality pictures of your products.  This tactic isn’t a long-term solution, but for what it’s worth, it can at least help your business get more focus. When customers start seeing photos taken by other customers via the latter’s Instagram profile, they’ll naturally want to start tagging your company in their posts and eventually want to buy your products as well.  And if you post a comment on those photos, repost those photos and then follow those users in the process, those users will potentially follow you back.  Other users will follow you back even after tagging you on their posts by themselves. One great place for you to get the right consultation of growing your Instagram followers and following the proper influencers is PopTribe.

5.    Post Consistently (Once a Day at Least)

Tailwind (visual marketing tool) analyzed over 100,000 Instagram accounts in 2017 to determine how frequent posting frequently can affect engagement and growth rate.  It was ultimately determined that the more one posts on Instagram, the more followers and likes and they’re going to get. The study found out that those accounts that posted at least seven times a week, potentially end up getting more likes and followers than those who don’t post that often. So what does this mean exactly?  Simple!  Post consistently. 

6.    Instagram Stories

Even as we speak, Instagram Stories are growing more and more by the day.  It attracts over 400 million daily users.  In fact, most users also report that they love watching Stories than simply scrolling through their feed to no end. When it comes to businesses, you would be wise to make stories about what you and your staff members do behind the scenes and get an inside look into your company’s work ethic.  You can include music, polls, ask questions, and quirky gifs into your Stories.  Plus, you can also fiddle with Boomerangs and filters. PopTribe knows a thing or two how you can get creative with your Instagram Stories.


These are some of the many unique tactics that you could use to nab more Instagram followers.  And remember, you don’t have to go with only one strategy over the other.  In fact, you can use all of them to increase your chances of visibility.