Beauty Influencers: Top 9 Men & Women for Collaborations in 2023

Social media plays an integral role for brands looking to expand their digital footprint and engage with customers. Over the past several years, beauty influencers have become integral figures on social media networks, with thousands or millions of dedicated followers. Their influence can be felt throughout the beauty industry.

Collaborating with an influencer could be the key to reaching a bigger audience with your beauty products. By tapping into their following and passion for beauty, you can harness their reach to reach more customers than alone.

To aid your search for top beauty influencers to partner with in 2023, we have put together a list of nine current industry influencers specializing in skincare, nails haircare, and makeup, who cater to diverse demographics and audiences.

Each influencer on our list has amassed an impressive social media following, is highly knowledgeable about beauty trends, and has demonstrated their content production capabilities to their followers.

No matter your goal, developing lasting relationships with beauty influencers is one surefire way to ensure its success. Why not check out our list and begin exploring all your options right now?

Consider these factors before selecting a beauty influencer as a partner:

  • Reach: How expansive is their follower base?
  • Engagement: Do followers interact frequently with their content?
  • Niche: Does the influencer specialize in makeup, skincare or haircare?
  • Values: Do their values align with those of your brand? 5. Availability: Are they open to working with you?

9 Best beauty influencers for a strong collaboration

| Autumnelizafaith | @autumnelizafaith

Autumn Elizabeth shines as a beloved beauty influencer over on TikTok, winning hearts with her genuine, relatable content. Gathering nearly 400,000 devoted followers and racking up 5 million likes, she’s firmly become the go-to gal for natural makeup and skincare tips in the TikTok realm. Her specialty lies in crafting niche tutorials, especially for tricky challenges like hooded eye makeup. She has a talent for making these tricks simple enough, even for newcomers to beauty, to grasp easily.

| Still GlamourUs | @stillglamorus

Meet Still GlamorUs, or simply Kasey, a well-loved beauty influencer with a fan base of more than 1.03 million subscribers on YouTube and a following of over 255,000 on Instagram. Hailing from the USA, she’s famous for her dazzling and daring makeup creations.

Kasey’s content is a treasure trove of makeup guides, featuring everything from bold lip shades to dramatic eye makeup and those coveted secrets to achieving a flawless foundation. Her knack for weaving affordable makeup products into her routines sets her apart, making her tutorials a delight for every wallet. Her fans adore her meticulous approach and the way she gently simplifies each step, making beauty mastery within reach for all.

| Anisa Sojka | @anisasojka – One of the Most Followed Beauty Influencers on Instagram

Anisa has a knack for turning fancy hairstyles into something anyone can master, thanks to her step-by-step tutorials. She’s not just about the hairdos; Anisa also spills the beans on top-notch hair care products! We all crave her gorgeous, glossy locks, and so do her 646,000 devoted Instagram followers.

| Karen Yueng | @iamkareno

Karen Yeung, also known by her moniker Iamkareno, has gained immense renown as a beauty influencer. With over 520,000 Instagram followers and 1.57 million YouTube subscribers to her name, this Los Angeles native has established an immense online presence through the power of digital. She is responsible for this digital empire. Yes, she is the creative force behind its development.

Karen offers an engaging mix of content online that spans beauty tutorials, product evaluations, fashion hauls, lifestyle vlogs, and candid lifestyle vlogs. Her approach stands out as she emphasizes inclusivity by tailoring beauty tutorials for all skin tones and types. One unique aspect is incorporating skincare regimens seamlessly into makeup routines, reinforcing the importance of nurturing one’s own skin.

Karen’s tutorials offer beginners starting out on their beauty journey an accessible, particularly helpful guide. Furthermore, her product reviews contain candid and thorough insights that enable viewers to make well-informed choices.

| Sagonia Lazarof | @sagonialazarof

Sagonia Lazarof shines as a beloved beauty guru on YouTube. With a whopping 758,000 subscribers, she’s truly become everyone’s trusted go-to for achieving that fresh, everyday makeup style.

In Sagonia’s video collection, you’ll discover makeup guides that are all about getting that radiant skin glow. She’s all about using products and methods that give you that natural look, teaching her viewers how to get that “no-makeup” flawless appearance. Her tutorials? Well, they’re a piece of cake to follow and just what you need if you’re after some speedy, no-fuss makeup advice.

| Jessica Vu | @jessyluxe – One of the Most Followed Beauty Influencers on YouTube

Jessica Vu enjoys a significant online presence as a well-liked beauty guru on YouTube. Her channel boasts more than 1.8 million dedicated followers. Jessica is renowned for her makeup tutorials, which predominantly feature Asian-inspired beauty styles. In addition to her customary content, she also treats her audience to occasional Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos and helpful hair tutorials.

| Vincent Ford | @vincentford

Vincent Ford shines as a renowned beauty influencer on TikTok, celebrated for his daring and imaginative makeup creations. With an impressive 400,000 followers on Instagram, he’s become a trusted destination for those seeking striking and one-of-a-kind makeup ideas on the platform.

Vincent’s TikTok feed is a treasure trove of makeup how-tos, specifically focusing on extravagant and vibrant styles. He frequently incorporates glitter, vibrant lip shades, and standout eyeshadow techniques into his routines, crafting show-stopping and individualistic makeup designs. Moreover, he’s always eager to share valuable insights on color theory, helping his audience grasp the fundamentals of effective makeup application.

| Alessya Farrugia | @alessyafarrugiaa

Alessya shines as a well-rounded lifestyle vlogger, generously offering guidance on skin care, beauty, makeup, mental well-being, and more. Her online presence is remarkable, boasting over 800,000 loyal YouTube subscribers and a flourishing Instagram following of over 400,000. What sets her content apart is its capacity to inspire and uplift, motivating folks to improve themselves, whether it’s in their style, looks, or daily choices.

| CRA | @cramakeup – One of the Most Followed Beauty Influencers on TikTok

If you’re into striking and innovative makeup, “CRA Makeup” is your go-to beauty influencer. On TikTok, her fan base numbers will soon reach 2 million followers, with a whopping 47.9 million likes on her content. She’s your go-to gal for vibrant makeup ideas and isn’t shy about exploring new makeup styles and trends.

Final Thoughts on the Best beauty influencers to work with

Those were our top nine beauty influencers for 2023! Their extraordinary makeup creations and expert skincare tips stand out in social media beauty content.

No matter if it’s product launch time or simply finding inspiration for your own beauty routine, these influencers should be watched. With large followings and captivating content that keeps readers coming back for more, these influencers have established themselves as some of the leading voices in beauty industry.

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